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  • Nuclear-21 addressing OECD NEA’s Steering Committee

    The world needs a lot of decarbonised energy to curb the unsustainable pressure on our environment while ensuring a habitable and equitable world for us all. Nuclear energy is one of the prime energy technologies that can provide such prospect. A tripling of nuclear power’s capacity worldwide has been set as a target during the […]

  • Nuclear-21’s annual workshop in The Hague

    Nuclear-21’s 10 core members meet this week at beautiful The Hague to hold our annual workshop addressing the energy market developments, role and challenges for nuclear energy and obviously to review our past, present and future projects with our clients. After Gent, Paris, Brussels, Saint-Germain-en-Laye and Paris, we’re heading ‘north’ these days. It is the […]

  • DNV and Nuclear-21’s launching “Getting Updated on Nuclear Energy” course

    For anyone who is relatively new to the field of nuclear energy and who wants to obtain certain basic technical and commercial insights about nuclear energy, its place in the energy system and what it could mean to both energy end users and supply chain companies, Nuclear-21 in cooperation with DNV Energy Systems is providing […]

  • Nuclear in Italy in the International and European background

    The Italian Nuclear Association (Associazione Italiana Nucleare – AIN) convened a one-day meeting “Nuclear in Italy in the International and European background” in Rome on 5th of December 2023. Nuclear-21′ Caroline Jorant and Gian-Luigi Fiorini attended the event where Gian-Luigi is also member of the Advisory Board of AIN. «I still have the dream but […]

  • Nuclear-21’s Founding Partner addressing the EU Innovation Area Summit 2023 on SMR’s role in and for EU

    Luc Van Den Durpel (Founding Partner) will be speaking during the European Innovation Area Summit 2023 at the European Parliament on December 6th 2023 addressing the role SMRs in EU’s energy and climate strategy. Nuclear energy is a key component of any world energy system future seeking to uncouple our societal and economic development from […]

  • Nuclear-21 endorsing party of the Net Zero Nuclear Energy Pledge

    Nuclear energy is dispatchable, affordable, safe and generates massive amounts of zero-emission energy since decades and can surely be our backbone worldwide to tackle our energy sustainability challenges. As one of the 120 companies, headquartered in 25 countries, and active in over 140 nations worldwide, Nuclear-21 endorses the Pledge committing industry to a goal of […]

  • Nuclear-21 present at the IAEA’s Symposium on Floating Nuclear Power Plants

    Nuclear-21 ensures its clients an independent expertised perspective on the trending developments in nuclear science and technology developments. Accordingly, Ms. Caroline Jorant and Ms. Aliki van Heek participated in the IAEA International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants – Benefits and Challenges (14 and 15 November 2023) in view of contributing to […]

  • Presentation of NESSAT at IAEA’s IC on Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning, Environmental Protection and Remediation

    At 7 November 2023, Ms. Aliki van Heek presented about the toolbox NESSAT for evaluating the long-term safety, environmental impact, and sustainability of nuclear energy systems, developed by Nuclear-21, for a 200-audience at the IAEA International Conference on the Safety of Radioactive Waste Management, Decommissioning, Environmental Protection and Remediation: Ensuring Safety and Enabling Sustainability at the IAEA Headquarters in Vienna. For […]

  • Regional nuclear options study by Nuclear-21 presented at IAEA International Conference

    The nuclear options study that Nuclear-21 performed for the Dutch Province of Limburg in 2022 was presented by Ms. Aliki van Heek on 12 October 2023 at the IAEA International Conference on Climate Change and the Role of Nuclear Power. The provincial government of the landlocked Limburg province commissioned Nuclear-21 a study to explore the […]

  • The harmonisation of the regulatory framework – the need for a “common language”

    The recently published document “WNA Cordel – A Framework for International Regulatory Efficiency to Accelerate Nuclear Deployment” represents a significant step forward in the efforts to achieve the harmonisation of the Regulatory Framework which is recognized as being an essential condition for promoting development at an international level of a fleet of standardised designs acceptable […]

  • Nuclear-21 attends the 67th IAEA General Conference

    Ms. Aliki van Heek and Mr. Luc Van Den Durpel are again attending the IAEA’s General Conference this year, from September 25th until 28th. We look forward meeting our peers, clients and new contacts towards a sustainable, affordable and responsible use of nuclear science and technology in your activities. Reach out to Aliki to plan […]

  • NESSAT v6: your toolbox to assess nuclear energy system futures

    Nuclear-21’s integrated assessment toolbox NESSAT, i.e. Nuclear Energy System Strategies Assessment Toolbox, knows a continuous development enriched by our own developments and responding to our client’s requests to assess specific questions relating to present and future nuclear energy system performances regarding a variety of objectives and criteria. Composed of five essential tools, NESSAT  is being […]

  • Nuclear-21 attending World Nuclear Association (WNA) Symposium

    As member of the World Nuclear Association (WNA), we are again attending the upcoming WNA Symposium in London early September. We look forward to interesting exchanges with our colleagues and peers internationally. In addition, we are participating to various WNA working groups such as: CORDEL’s IAEA Nuclear Safety Standards Taks Force with active attendance by […]

  • Nuclear-21 endorses the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure (IBNI)

    Nuclear energy is one of the key energy conversion technologies that will be critical for our society to keep our planet sustainable for all. Even more, it will be crucial in providing decarbonised dispatchable and competitive electricity and heat for a variety of applications in different markets, not at least to allow for the sustainable […]

  • Recommendations regarding an informed process towards new build: Nuclear-21 presenting its methodology at IAEA’s Technical Meeting

    Many IAEA Member States are considering the deployment of nuclear energy as part of their energy mix addressing energy independency, resilience, economic competitiveness and decarbonisation. The IAEA organised a Technical Meeting on the role for Request for Information (RFI) in this process towards new build nuclear power plants as documented in the IAEA’s Milestones Approach. […]

  • Titans of Nuclear: interesting views by international experts on nuclear’s potential

    The first quarterly newsletter by Titans of Nuclear has just recently been issued. If you’re interested to hear from a variety of experts in the nuclear field about their lessons-learned, prospects and challenges for the future, covering nuclear medicine, physics and nuclear energy being it fission or fusion, you surely will find interesting information across […]

  • Nuclear-21 and the WNA-CORDEL Nuclear Safety Standards Task Force (NSSTF)

    Nuclear-21 is strongly involved in the reflection concerning the harmonisation of the regulatory framework (Safety Security & Safeguard – 3S) for the design and assessment of innovative nuclear systems and, more generally, for the licensing of these systems. These activities include both: the follow-up of the developments and trends by the designers and the regulators […]

  • Kernvisie Magazine: een leuke vermelding van onze nieuwe partner Ms. Aliki van Heek

    Aliki van Heek gaf recent een heel interessant interview aan Kernvisie Magazine in Nederland omtrent de reeds heel lange contacten welke Aliki en Luc Van den Durpel hebben zelfs sinds de studie Nucleair Ingenieur te Gent. We kijken uit naar de verrijking van onze diensten met Aliki’s expertise, ervaring en bovenal aanwezigheid te Wenen nabij […]

  • Nuclear-21 addressing the SMR Trilemma in European Nuclear Society’s Blog

    Luc Van Den Durpel addresses Nuclear-21’s view on the SMR futures in European Nuclear Society’s Blog as “SMR’s Trilemma towards the future“. In short,  Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), but also micro- and mini-versions in terms of delivered power, and more advanced designs (Advanced Modular Reactors) are complementing the large nuclear reactors in sustainable energy systems. […]

  • Successful Nuclear-21 Presence at NNWI’s Budapest Conference

    Ms. Aliki van Heek chaired the panel session “Harnessing Advanced Nuclear Technologies to Accelerate the Energy Transition” with Terrapraxis, the IAEA and Rolls Royce during the New Nuclear Watch Institute‘s conference “Fueling the Energy Transition with Nuclear“ in Budapest, Hungary on 20 June 2023. With an audience of about 60 including both the nuclear and the energy […]

  • Meet us during the NNWI’s Budapest Conference on “Fueling the Energy Transition with Nuclear”

    Ms. Aliki van Heek will be presenting during and chairing the panel session “Harnessing Advanced Nuclear Technologies to Accelerate the Energy Transition” during the New Nuclear Watch Institute‘s conference on “Fueling the Energy Transition with Nuclear“. Aliki will address the conference on “SMR: from promising conceptual design to sound business model” addressing how certain Small […]

  • Nuclear and Hydrogen: Ms. Aliki van Heek presents a recent IAEA report

    On May 10, at a Round Table meeting of the Dutch nuclear advocacy foundations “Kernvisie” and “Energietransitie en Kernenergie”, Ms. Aliki van Heek  presented the prime outcomes of the recent IAEA report on Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Systems Energy Systems in which nuclear and renewable energy generation sources are integrated to leverage the benefits of each technology […]

  • Welcome to new Nuclear-21 Partners and Associates

    Our portfolio of activities and prospects keeps growing and we’re honoured to welcome our newest partners, associates and members to our team. Mr. Jan Stuyt, Mr. Jim Kuijper (already Member Nuclear-21) and Mr. Jean-Jacques Gautrot (on behalf of EVOCATI Consulting Alliance) are becoming partners in Nuclear-21 NL BV which has been created early 2023. Nuclear-21 […]

  • Nuclear-21 present at WNA/NEI’s World Nuclear Fuel Cycle (The Hague)

    The new prospects for nuclear energy and the consequences these may and will have on the nuclear fuel cycle were discussed during the recent World Nuclear Fuel Cycle in The Hague. As active member of WNA, we participate to the various working groups of WNA and particularly the Used Fuel Management working group where Luc […]

  • Nuclear-21 and EVOCATI presenting at KIVI’s Symposium on New Build prospects and requirements in the Netherlands

    Nuclear-21, in partnership with EVOCATI Consulting Alliance and Nuclic, created the dutch branch of Nuclear-21 since 2022. We were proud to issue the report , including contributions from DNV and STORK, on the prospects and challenges for nuclear energy, particularly Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), in the Province of Limburg. Mr. Claude Jaouen and Luc Van […]

  • Nuclear-21 present at ANS Winter Meeting in Phoenix and addressing the international developments towards nuclear as part of sustainable future

    Luc Van Den Durpel is attending the ANS Winter Meeting in Phoenix as well as the International High Level Radioactive Waste Management Meeting and speaking in the President’s Special Session on “Ensuring nuclear’s international role in the energy mix of today and tomorrow” on tuesday november 15th. He’s also organising and moderating the executive session […]

  • Nuclear-21 sponsoring and addressing New Nuclear Watch Institute’s Forum (London, October 18th ’22)

    Nuclear-21 is proud to co-sponsor with WNTI the NNWI’s Forum on “A Sustainable Future – Addressing the Energy Trilemma” which took place on October 18th and attended by some 0 experts from various organisations aware of the challenges we’re facing and able to provide solutions. The event brochure is available.

  • COP26 and Beyond … Perspectives for Nuclear

    Nuclear-21 was a partner to New Nuclear Watch Institute‘s “Yes to Nuclear” initiative during 2021 and this in partnership with Nuclear Innovation Alliance, World Nuclear Transport Institute and many other contributors. The recently published “Yes to Nuclear 2021 Brochure” provide our views on nuclear science & technology’s crucial contribution to the sustainability of our planet […]

  • Nuclear-21 co-writer of new book on “Fundamental Issues Critical to the Success of Nuclear Projects”

    The role for nuclear energy in our sustainable energy future is increasingly clear for many especially given the enormous challenge we face to decarbonise our future while furthering the well-being of us all. Luc Van Den Durpel, founding partner of Nuclear-21, contributed in the writing of the new book “Fundamental Issues Critical to the Success […]

  • Launch of ENEN’s Specialising Master on Nuclear Safeguards

    A Specialising Master on Nuclear Safeguards is organized by the Department of Energy –Politecnico di Milano and the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN), in collaboration with European Joint research center (EU JRC), Academic institution participating in the European Nuclear Education Network, ESARDA partners and several International organizations (e.g. IAEA). This Specializing Master is part of […]

  • Lezing “Hoe kernenergie en duurzaamheid hand in hand gaan” – Gent

    Op 29 april om 19 uur houden we een lezing over het verleden, heden en de toekomst van kernenergie voor de Vlaamse Technische Kring in ons geliefde Gent. Luc Van Den Durpel zal spreken over ‘Kernenergie heeft een geschiedenis van continue ontwikkeling sinds de jaren 50 en maakt heden zo’n 10% uit van de wereldwijde elektriciteitsproductie […]

  • New Perspectives report on nuclear regulation harmonisation

    The interest in harmonising approaches to the design, the evaluation and the certification of nuclear installations is universally recognised. Recently, the need for a “paradigm shift” has been recognized;  “ …I think the time is now to think boldly and look critically at regulatory frameworks and be open to the need to re-engineer them. It […]

  • Nuclear-21 partner in “Yes to Nuclear Perspectives” exploring how nuclear S&T provides the avenues towards achieving UN Sustainable Development Goals

    Nuclear science and technology is much more than nuclear energy despite the latter a crucial component of any scenario towards a more sustainable future for all. The New Nuclear Watch Institute partnered with Nuclear Innovation Alliance, World Nuclear Transport Institute, Nuclear-21 and support by Nuclear Energy Institute launch the “Yes to Nuclear Perspectives” initiative with […]

  • Nuclear-21’s Founding Partner Luc Van Den Durpel named international member of CEA’s “Conseil Scientifique”

    Luc Van Den Durpel has been named international member of the Conseil Scientifique (Scientific Council) of the French CEA (Commissariat à l’énergie atomique et aux energies alternatives) from January 15th 2021 on for a period of 4 years. “I’m very honoured to serve the CEA and France during these very important years ahead where innovative […]

  • Nuclear-21 co-sponsor of World Nuclear Association’s “Strategic eForum 2020”

    The World Nuclear Association is holding the Strategic eForum 2020 on September 9-11 2020 hosting a series of high-level panel discussions focused on strengthening the nuclear industry, leading communication on key matters and bringing nuclear to the forefront in economic recovery plans. Nuclear-21 co-sponsors this event as it is overly important to show the crucial role nuclear […]

  • Prospects for Blockchain in international safeguards and security

    Nuclear-21 is co-organizing a panel-session on the prospects on the use of “blockchain” in international safeguards and security during the upcoming ANS Virtual Meeting. #ANSannual #Countdownto2030 This panel-session, organized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Division of ANS (, aims at: o Informing ANS-members on the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology and the applicability in international safeguards; o Highlight […]

  • Nuclear-21 participating at first online Virtual ANS Meeting

    Nuclear-21, as American Nuclear Society Organization Member, participates to the first ANS Virtual Meeting which announces to be very succesful. Luc is organising the panel-session on “Prospects for Blockchain Technology in International Security/Safeguards” on Monday June 8th (3.30 pm EDT) with panelists Ms. Cindy Vestergaard (Stimson Center), Mr. Stefan Nonneman (EC JRC Ispra), Ms. Luisa […]

  • Nuclear-21 is Cyber Essentials Plus certified

    We are pleased to announce that Nuclear-21 was awarded a IASME Governance Standard, Cyber Essentials on May 18 and the Cyber Essentials Plus certificate on May 22nd 2020 respectively. This certification demonstrates our commitment to cyber security and providing our clients certified assurance of proper treatment of confidential information. Nuclear-21 is the only European continent based […]

  • Nuclear-21 presenting at the IAEA International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors: Learning from the Past, Enabling the Future

    The management of Spent Fuel (SF) from nuclear energy is a very important activity undertaken worldwide and representing challenges towards a solution-oriented SF-management solution. Nuclear-21 is very active in advising and supporting the decision-making on SF management and developed decisional tools to assess this decisional framework, i.e. NESSAT Toolbox. Mr. Luc Van Den Durpel and […]

  • Nuclear-21 participating at ATOMEXPO 2019 in Sochi (April 2019)

    Serge Runge will be present at ATOMEXPO 2019 providing our clients and prospects updated information on Nuclear-21’s service offer and latest developments. ATOMEXPO’s theme on nuclear energy’s contribution to a sustainable world is central to Nuclear-21’s services to our international clients, i.e.  providing in-depth technology and business intelligence on nuclear energy developments, optioneering by projecting future […]

  • Nuclear-21 lecturing at ESARDA’s first workshop in North Africa and Sahel Region

    Caroline Jorant and Luc Van Den Durpel lectured on physical protection & security and on nuclear fuel cycle & non-proliferation aspects for a selection of 40 experts from North African and Sahel countries. ESARDA organised the first of these workshops in North Africa and the Sahel Region in Algiers during October 20-25th 2018. Nuclear-21 has […]

  • Nuclear-21’s Newest Brochures

    Nuclear-21 presented our newest brochures during the recent WNA Symposium in London covering our expertise and activities, with more detailed topic-specific brochures available on our interactive visual nuclear database NucInfo, Optioneering your Future and Cost/Risk-Decisioneering in Nuclear Energy. You can download these new brochures from the links below: Nuclear-21: Perspective for your decisions Policy & Business […]

  • Nuclear-21 Exhibiting Now at World Nuclear Association Symposium

    Nuclear-21 is exhibiting and hosting information sessions this week during the World Nuclear Association Symposium in London. Our exhibition stand is now set up, and we are greatly looking forward to speaking to delegates. You can come to see us in the exhibition area, or visit our private meeting room, Plaza Room 9, throughout Thursday […]

  • Nuclear-21 will be Exhibiting at the World Nuclear Association Symposium 2018

    We are proud to announce that Nuclear-21 will be exhibiting at the World Nuclear Association Symposium, to be held 5th – 7th September in London, UK. We will be presenting our NESSAT Toolbox and service offer throughout the 6th September in parallel to the main symposium programme, in Meeting Room 9.

  • WNE2018: ORANO presenting fuel cycle flexibility solutions building upon Nuclear-21’s cost/risk-decisioneering methodology

    During the ORANO’s workshop “Flexible Approach for Used Fuel Management”, Ms. Cécile Evans presented ORANO’s view on the future of back-end fuel cycle options stressing the importance of fuel cycle flexibility in decision-making for utilities. Our cost/risk-decisioneering methodology, integrated in our NESSAT-toolbox as the Nuclear Real Options Model (NROM), contributed to their analysis.

  • Nuclear-21 launches its Free NucInfo.Public Service, Providing Easy-to-use and Verified Information on Nuclear Energy

    NucInfo.Public is a free infographics information resource curated by Nuclear-21. NucInfo provides easy-to-use, interactive, and up-to-date information on the use and development of nuclear energy worldwide. NucInfo.Public is a reduced version of the complete NucInfo database and gives a first look into the functionalities that NucInfo offers.

  • Nuclear-21 becomes Organisation Member of the European Nuclear Society (ENS)

    The European Nuclear Society (ENS) has accepted Nuclear-21’s application to become an Organisation Member. We welcome the opportunity to work together with ENS in furthering the sharing of unbiased information on nuclear science and technology in Europe and beyond.

  • Nuclear-21 attending the World Nuclear Exhibition 2018 in Paris

    Nuclear-21’s Senior Experts Caroline Jorant, Frédérique Damerval, Henri Zaccai, Serge Runge and Luc Van Den Durpel will be present at the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE), to be held in the Paris area from 26-28th June 2018.

  • Nuclear-21 becomes a Member of the World Nuclear Association (WNA)

    We’re honoured to be able to announce that the World Nuclear Association (WNA) has accepted Nuclear-21 to become its newest Member, starting from July 1st 2018.

  • Nuclear-21 at the ANS June Meeting in Philadelphia

    Luc Van Den Durpel attended the recent ANS June meeting in Philadelphia as Vice-chairman of the International Committee of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and as a member of its Public Policy Committee and Non-Proliferation Policy Division.

  • Farewell to our Friend Hubert

    It is with great sadness that we have to say farewell to our great expert and friend Hubert Bairiot, who passed away on Monday June 4th 2018 at the age of 87.

  • Nuclear-21 at Global Nuclear Investment Summit in London

    Nuclear-21 participated in the Ocean Nuclear/Financial Times Global Nuclear Investment Summit in London on June 7th 2018. Our interest in the topic relates directly to our NESSAT Toolbox and its applications in assessing financial costs/risks for various stakeholders in nuclear energy. In particular, the increasing financial risks stemming from nuclear waste provisioning in uncertain market […]

  • Nuclear-21 attending ATOMEXPO 2018 and participant in panel-session

    Nuclear-21 is participating to ATOMEXPO 2018 (Sochi, May 14-16th) and part of panel session on back-end fuel cycle strategies in the context of uncertain market contexts. Our participation will address the prospects for reprocessing/recycling fuel cycles in the changing energy market context and will present the value of such fuel cycles using a more market-relevant […]

  • Nuclear-21 in Attendance at BWR Research Hub Conference 2018

    Nuclear-21 Associate Partner Ross Peel will be attending the BWR Research Hub conference in Bangor, Wales in February 2018. 

  • Nuclear-21 Volunteering at the University of Sheffield, UK

    Nuclear-21 Associate Partner Ross Peel has spent two days volunteering at events at the University of Sheffield. Ross provided career advice and feedback from an industrial viewpoint on student team projects.

  • Nuclear-21 is an Organisation Member of ANS

    Nuclear-21 is continuing into 2018 as an organisational membership of the American Nuclear Society (ANS). Our members have been involved with the organisation in many roles, including the International Committee (as Vice-chair), the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy Division and the Public Policy Committee. In addition, we are proud to be regularly invited to review technical papers […]

  • Nuclear-21 contracted to investigate market prospects for advanced nuclear technologies

    Nuclear-21 has been contracted to investigate market scenarios affecting the introduction of advanced nuclear technologies, e.g. Small Modular Reactors (SMR), into tomorrow’s global energy market. We will issue a first draft report to the customer by the end of February 2018, and publish a more extensive white paper during April 2018.

  • Nuclear-21 supporting NIKIET-2018 Conference

    Nuclear-21 will again be a member of the international program committee of NIKIET-2018 to be held in Moscow (2-5 October 2018). We would like to thank the organisers for their continued trust in the value of our expertise.

  • Rebranding Nuclear-21

    Welcome to the new Nuclear-21 website! The Partners have been working closely with a creative agency to completely rebrand our business and service offer. We created our new brand around the ideas and core values of Nuclear-21: bankability, independence, strong partnerships and trust.

  • Nuclear-21 at the GLOBAL 2017 Conference

    Nuclear-21’s Managing Director, Luc Van Den Durpel, presented five papers at this year’s GLOBAL nuclear fuel cycle conference.

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