Nuclear and Hydrogen: Ms. Aliki van Heek presents a recent IAEA report

On May 10, at a Round Table meeting of the Dutch nuclear advocacy foundations “Kernvisie” and “Energietransitie en Kernenergie”, Ms. Aliki van Heek  presented the prime outcomes of the recent IAEA report on Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Systems Energy Systems in which nuclear and renewable energy generation sources are integrated to leverage the benefits of each technology for improved reliability and sustainability. In such hybrid energy systems multiple input resources, e.g. geothermal, nuclear, concentrated solar, solar PV, biofuel, hydro, wind, are connected both thermally and electrically to produce multiple energy products, including hydrogen.

The bottom-line being that such integrated nuclear-renewable energy supply will provide enormous benefits to the envisaged hydrogen economies, both with respect to energy efficiency, scale, complementarity and affordability.