Aliki van Heek

Before joining Nuclear-21 in May 2023, Aliki was Unit Head 3E Analysis (3E = Energy, Economics, Environment), within the Planning and Economics Studies Section at the UN’s International Atomic Energy Agency for seven years. She lead and contributed to several publications and conferences on nuclear energy’s compatibility with national sustainable development objectives and how it can contribute to climate change mitigation and energy security of supply through energy products with viable business cases.

Before this, she was Team Manager and Consultant in Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste Management at NRG in The Netherlands, leading and co-executing projects in this area for nuclear power plants and research facilities.

The bulk of her earlier career however lies in the area of advanced reactors. After obtaining a PhD on pebble bed high temperature reactor design, safety and economics, she initiated the research area on this reactor type at ECN in The Netherlands, after which she expanded to managing the Dutch research programme on 4th Generation nuclear energy systems. In this framework she initiated and conducted research on strategic fuel cycle analysis.

As associate at Nuclear-21, Aliki is in charge of Nuclear-21’s international activities regarding the role for nuclear in sustainable energy systems including the options for newcomer countries plans towards nuclear.