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Comparative analysis of policy, strategy and business development options

Economic and financial risk assessment

Comprehensive options analysis




Optioneering is an iterative process between options identification, assessment and definition. At Nuclear-21, our processes and activities:

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  • Map the decisional options space;
  • Illustrate what-if scenarios to enrich the understanding of decisional impact;
  • Present baseline implementation strategies for the decisional options.

Optioneering includes assessment of the decisional risks in uncertain futures:

  • What are the relevant scenarios for the technology, market, business, policy and regulatory developments which may potentially impact the decisional framework?
  • What is the optimised value for an option in uncertain futures?
  • When is the optimal time to decide?
  • What is the value of an option which is dependent on uncertain business developments?
  • What risk-mitigation strategies are necessary to secure a profitable business portfolio development?
  • Which options should be retained to de-risk future developments?

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