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Technology, Policy and Business Foresighting

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Policy & Business Intelligence

Based on a portfolio of science & technology options,
our policy and corporate strategy decisioneering models
enrich the decision-making process by:

Driven to create a better future for us all, we’re a diverse, internationally-operating team of experts in nuclear science & technology, delivering solutions towards a sustainable tomorrow.

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  • Assessing possible technology-to-business options within national and international policy and strategy contexts;
  • Foresighting future developments using an integrated set of scenario analyses, uncertainty and risk analyses and peer judgements;
  • Crystallising the main decisional options and strategies for in-depth optioneering analysis.

From operational to strategic technology-to-business decisions, our services translate technology options into technology-to-business scenarios and translate these into high-value policy, strategy and and business portfolio decisions, responding to questions such as:

  • What technical options are available and best fitted for operational challenges?
  • Which strategies are most appropriate for technology-seekers and -providers?
  • How can technology-to-business processes be optimised?
  • How do you prepare for the introduction of particular technologies in compliance with regulatory, safety, security and safeguards requirements?
  • How can institutional settings be prepared for nuclear programs?
  • Which technology provides cost/benefit-optimised solution(s) to operational and/or programmatic challenges?
  • How can your R&D strategies and portfolios be best aligned with business and operational plans?

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