Other Capabilities

We have various nuclear science & technology as well as economic assessment relevant and necessary capabilities reaching from computational capacity required for, f.i.,  reactor physics and radiological protection calculations, next to advanced system dynamics modelling methodologies, financial models including real options valuation methodologies up to data-mining and visualisation applications.

We therefore apply all these capabilities in a variety of assignments for our clients and partner with key organisations to further the development of these capabilities.


  • Reactor Physics and Shielding Calculations

    Nuclear-21 has its own computing platforms allowing to perform, for instance, reactor physics, criticality and shielding calculations, employing advanced (Monte Carlo particle transport) codes, such as SERPENT. This capability allows us to perform in-depth analysis of reactor designs and nuclear fuel cycle facilities and to provide independent assessment. We perform such analysis for our clients […]

  • System Dynamics Modeling

    Nuclear-21 is an experienced modeler of system dynamics and long-time member of the System Dynamics Society including even the initiator of the SDS Special Interest Group on energy. System dynamics is a methodology and mathematical modeling technique to frame, understand, and discuss complex issues and problems. Originally developed in the 1950s to help corporate managers […]

  • Tableau InfoGraphics

    We’re a vivid user of Tableau InfoGraphics software solution and host it on our specific servers to support our studies and particularly our NESSAT Toolbox. Our extensive experience allows us to apply these capabilities for our clients’ needs and we typically include in our assessment studies a significant data-analysis support functionality for our clients allowing […]

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