We seek to enrich our client’s decisions on nuclear policy and business strategies towards the development of safe, economic and sustainable nuclear solutions. We operate worldwide with offices currently in Belgium, France, the Netherlands and Austria.

Our mission is to support you in nuclear technology-to-business decisioneering. We seek to ensure your strategic and programmatic performance in nuclear energy, nuclear medicine, radioactive waste management, radiation diagnostics and radiation applications in clean technologies.


We aim above all to advance the safe, sustainable and suitable application of nuclear science & technology. Our core values are:

  • Bankable intelligence: our analyses are always unbiased, based on hard facts and dispassionate expert judgement, addressing our customers’ key questions to enrich their decision-making on policy, strategy and/or business development.
  • Trust-based partnerships: we reject traditional short-term consultancy business models, instead seeking to build longer-term relationships based on mutual trust and respect. Our customers are our friends.
  • Results-driven: we go the extra mile to secure best-practice-based, validated and verifiable consultancy results to our customers.
  • In-house assessment methodologies and tools development: we undertake our own internal developments alongside recognised international organisations in developing best-practice decision-support methodologies and assessment tools.
  • Confidentiality: in our niche market, trust and confidentiality are essential in giving our customer the competitive edge. We handle your information with every care that we afford our own.
  • Flexibility: we seek to accommodate changing project assignment objectives matched to our customers’ needs.
  • Relevance: we actively participate in the international community, ensuring up-to-date and validated information, as well as contributing insights to our peers.