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  • Perspectives “A New Paradigm for International Standardisation: Harmonisation for the Design and the Assessment of Future Nuclear Installations”

    15 March 2021   The interest in harmonising approaches to the design, the evaluation and the certification of nuclear installations is universally recognised. Recently, the need for a “paradigm shift” has been recognized;  “ …I think the time is now to think boldly and look critically at regulatory frameworks and be open to the need […]

  • A Negotiated BREXATOM or a NO DEAL BREXATOM?

    Introduction Coming closer to the projected date for the implementation of the Brexit, (March 29, 2019) the UK political stage is very agitated with diverging positions as to when, how and even if Brexit should be pursued. While some would prefer a new referendum to take place to re-consider the Brexit decision, others are asking […]

  • Brexatom – The Nuclear Impacts of Brexit on the UK

    As part of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union (Brexit), the country will also leave the Euratom Treaty. While not generally considered a major issue by the wider public, “Brexatom” could have serious repercussions for medicine, nuclear energy, research and the protection of nuclear materials.

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