Nuclear-21 was founded in early 2015 by Luc Van Den Durpel after an already extensive career in nuclear science & technology, government organisations, consultancy and industry worldwide. As of early 2018, the Nuclear-21 team has nine members, with an expertise and experience covering scientific-technical innovative solutions, technology-to-business processes, industrialisation, international policy and socio-political aspects such as compliance with national and international requirements and regulations.


Providing and Enriching the Perspective for your Decisions

The application of nuclear science & technology solutions in your policy, strategy and business development requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Due to the long-term nature of the development and deployment of nuclear science & technology solutions, critical decisions have to be made within highly uncertain policy and business environments. We support you in subject-matter expertise and provide a comprehensive perspective on the market and business environment impacting your decisional options.

We enrich your decision-making process in policy, strategy and business development by:

  • Ensuring expertise-based identification and assessment of technology, policy and business options through foresighting and scenario assessments;
  • Optioneering using proven innovation methodologies;
  • Enriching decision value when faced with uncertain technology and market prospects;
  • Enhancing decision making processes based on best-practice;
  • Initiating options and accompanying your policy and business development.