Our IsoSup (Isotopes Supply) model allows the simulation of radioisotopes supply and demand market conditions and is based on:

  • a database of market information in nuclear medicine radioisotopes production routes and market demand and prospects;
  • a simulation model of the production chains for these radioisotopes;
  • allowing to couple supply and demand prospects and to evaluate possible strategies for producers in such dynamic market conditions;
  • finally, production and pricing strategies can be assessed.

This model has recently been used and adapted for the production scheme and marker share assessment for two radio-isotope production companies.


  • IsoSup Main Functionalities

    The IsoSup (“Theranostics Supply Chain Analysis”) model simulates the radioisotopes supply chain within various demand scenarios. The model is currently simulating the supply/demand balance for the radioisotopes 227Th, 224Ra, 225Ac, 212Pb and 211At with a detailed modelling from source material, irradiation, post-irradiation handling and the full production chain towards the various radioisotopes that can be […]

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