IsoSup Main Functionalities

The IsoSup (“Theranostics Supply Chain Analysis”) model simulates the radioisotopes supply chain within various demand scenarios. The model is currently simulating the supply/demand balance for the radioisotopes 227Th, 224Ra, 225Ac, 212Pb and 211At with a detailed modelling from source material, irradiation, post-irradiation handling and the full production chain towards the various radioisotopes that can be used in the distributions chain. The demand scenarios are defined from the worldwide cancer incidence information sources combined with regional-country specific incidence/mortality occurrences and subsequently the treatment practices. The resulting demand scenarios in projected number of patients (per region/country, cancer type, cancer stadium) combined with the different treatment scenarios and the dose per treatment lead to projected demand for radioisotopes.

The IsoSup then allows to:

  • analyse the business investment interest in new production capacity;
  • the cost structure versus projected pricing from the supply/demand analysis;
  • the optimal production chain with respect to, for instance, batch sizes for irradiation (conditions) and distribution strategies

The IsoSup model has been developed for and in use by radioisotope producers as well as by a market party seeking to have a more in-depth analysis capability for the supply/demand dynamics in such developing markets.

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