System Dynamics Modeling

Nuclear-21 is an experienced modeler of system dynamics and long-time member of the System Dynamics Society including even the initiator of the SDS Special Interest Group on energy.

System dynamics is a methodology and mathematical modeling technique to frame, understand, and discuss complex issues and problems. Originally developed in the 1950s to help corporate managers improve their understanding of industrial processes, System Dynamics currently being used throughout the public and private sector for policy analysis and design.

Our NESSAT toolbox is largely using System Dynamics modeling and particularly DEMA and DANESS are hereby prime examples.

We are a very experience user of the STELLA software environment developed by iseesystems and they are our partner in furthering the functionalities of STELLA for very extended and advanced use of such system dynamics models. We particularly integrate the STELLA models with online databases and interface with other simulation models as MatLab as well as integrated visualisations with Tableau Infograhics.

We (co-)develop system dynamics models for our clients based on this extensive experience.

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