Recommendations regarding an informed process towards new build: Nuclear-21 presenting its methodology at IAEA’s Technical Meeting

Many IAEA Member States are considering the deployment of nuclear energy as part of their energy mix addressing energy independency, resilience, economic competitiveness and decarbonisation. The IAEA organised a Technical Meeting on the role for Request for Information (RFI) in this process towards new build nuclear power plants as documented in the IAEA’s Milestones Approach.

Mr. Luc Van Den Durpel presented our methodological approach, as co-developed by Nuclear-21 and strategic partner EVOCATI, and actively participated in the very interesting discussion regarding the need for customisation of a best-practice based methodological process. De-risking of the nuclear programme towards a new build nuclear power plants being an essential objective and a driver to decide upon the strategic approach towards such programme and the customised deployment of the different decisional phases. Our methodological approach being very much welcomed by the participants to this Technical Meeting and we remain an active partner to them all and to the IAEA ensuring that such best practices become a standard.