Rebranding Nuclear-21

Welcome to the new Nuclear-21 website!

The Partners have been working closely with a creative agency to completely rebrand our business and service offer. We created our new brand around the ideas and core values of Nuclear-21: bankability, independence, strong partnerships and trust.

The New Logo

We even have a new logo! The symbol represents the concept of making a decision when faced with competing options, while putting our customers at the centre of our work. Seen another way, the symbol represents a 3D view down a corridor towards a central goal, where the four “leaves” give a sense of perspective. The words encompass the core activities of Nuclear-21; we provide Perspective for your Decisions. Finally, the number 21 is raised above and to the right, as with an exponent in mathematics, representing the exponential power and value of nuclear technology in the 21st century.

With this new brand identity, we look forward to serving our customers’ needs in the coming months and years. The new Nuclear-21 is here, and we’re going to keep growing and offering our unique services to the nuclear industry, energy policymakers, and research & development organisations.


We want to thank the creative agency, IKON, for their fantastic work in developing a great brand based on a well-developed understanding of Nuclear-21, our values and our members.