Successful Nuclear-21 Presence at NNWI’s Budapest Conference

Ms. Aliki van Heek chaired the panel session “Harnessing Advanced Nuclear Technologies to Accelerate the Energy Transition” with Terrapraxis, the IAEA and Rolls Royce during the New Nuclear Watch Institute‘s conference “Fueling the Energy Transition with Nuclear“ in Budapest, Hungary on 20 June 2023.

With an audience of about 60 including both the nuclear and the energy consulting/accountancy sectors, we had an efficient format of short presentations with ample time for discussion. Many interesting insights could be shared and explained on the role of nuclear energy in the energy system, both globally and with a focus on the South Eastern Europe region.

Aliki also addressed the conference on “SMR: from promising conceptual design to sound business model” on how certain Small Modular Reactors concepts can fit business opportunities and business models connected to regions. As an example, the Nuclear-21 study on the SMR potential for the Province of Limburg in The Netherlands was included.