Nuclear-21 presenting at the IAEA International Conference on the Management of Spent Fuel from Nuclear Power Reactors: Learning from the Past, Enabling the Future

The management of Spent Fuel (SF) from nuclear energy is a very important activity undertaken worldwide and representing challenges towards a solution-oriented SF-management solution. Nuclear-21 is very active in advising and supporting the decision-making on SF management and developed decisional tools to assess this decisional framework, i.e. NESSAT Toolbox.

Mr. Luc Van Den Durpel and Mr. Henri Zaccai are participating during this week’s international conference and Mr. Luc Van Den Durpel presenting three papers representative for our assignments on SF-management, i.e.

  • “Back-End fuel cycle strategies in uncertain ‘Gen-IV’ futures: Effective scenarios towards sustainable nuclear energy future”
  • “Cost/Risk-optimised fuel cycle decision-making in uncertain market futures” as invited speaker
  • “Cost/risk-decisioneering on spent fuel management: financial risk analysis in the EU” (poster)

Mr. Henri Zaccai, representing as well World Nuclear Association, presenting “The responsible management of the used nuclear fuel by the nuclear industry” on behalf of the WNA’s Sustainable Used Fuel Management Group to which Nuclear-21 actively contributes.