Nuclear-21 at the GLOBAL 2017 Conference

Nuclear-21’s Managing Director, Luc Van Den Durpel, presented five papers at this year’s GLOBAL nuclear fuel cycle conference.

Relevance is a core value for Nuclear-21; we believe that our experts should be active participants in the international nuclear community. We want to contribute to the development of sustainable nuclear energy systems. A key part of this is attendance and presentation of our work at international conferences. This also helps us to keep up with new scientific and technical developments and policy and industry trends.

The GLOBAL 2017 conference was held in Seoul, in the Republic of Korea. Four of these papers introduced our nuclear energy decisioneering toolbox, NESSAT, and particularly our economic cost/risk real options assessment tool, NROM. These papers are:

  • Decisioneering on Nuclear Energy System Strategies – The NESSAT Toolbox
  • NROM (Nuclear Real Options Model): Assessing the Decisional Flexibility in Nuclear Energy by Use of Real Options Analysis
  • Real Options Analysis of Spent Fuel Management – Towards Cost/Risk-optimised SF-management
  • Fuel Cycle Flexibility Assessment of the Chinese Nuclear Energy System – Real Options Valuation of Scenarios

Luc also presented a technical paper on thorium nuclear fuel options in currently available nuclear reactor technologies, entitled “Thorium-fuel Options: Their Value in Tomorrow’s Nuclear Energy?”