Nuclear-21 endorses the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure (IBNI)

Nuclear energy is one of the key energy conversion technologies that will be critical for our society to keep our planet sustainable for all. Even more, it will be crucial in providing decarbonised dispatchable and competitive electricity and heat for a variety of applications in different markets, not at least to allow for the sustainable production of other energy vectors as hydrogen and other energy-to-X products.

One challenge of such renewed and more important deployment of nuclear energy, in different forms from large to micro-reactors, globally  is how to enable the large investments required in nuclear infrastructure for all those seeking to start or expand deployment of nuclear energy.

The objectives of the International Bank for Nuclear Infrastructure (IBNI) initiative, a conceptual new multilateral international financing institution, are really relevant in this context and we, as Nuclear-21, endorse this objective as being an important development that would benefit our transition towards sustainable energy for all.

We look forward to support these objectives with our expertise and NESSAT toolbox  for techno-economic assessment of the nuclear energy systems across the globe.

Please contact Ms. Aliki van Heek if you like to receive more information on Nuclear-21’s endorsement of IBNI.