Nuclear-21 co-sponsor of World Nuclear Association’s “Strategic eForum 2020”

The World Nuclear Association is holding the Strategic eForum 2020 on September 9-11 2020 hosting a series of high-level panel discussions focused on strengthening the nuclear industry, leading communication on key matters and bringing nuclear to the forefront in economic recovery plans.

Nuclear-21 co-sponsors this event as it is overly important to show the crucial role nuclear energy has been, is and can be providing the very important service of ensuring dispatchable, safe, economic competitive and sustainable energy for our society at large. Nuclear-21’s services are geared to provide decisional support to those governments, utilities and industry involved in assessing the future energy mix, nuclear energy’s role and the path forward to a safe, secure and affordable deployment of nuclear power plants and the fuel cycle and waste management options that go with such deployment.

We look forward to lively panel-discussions and please register for free on the Strategic eForum 2020’s website.