Nuclear-21 at the ANS June Meeting in Philadelphia

Luc Van Den Durpel attended the recentĀ ANS June meeting in Philadelphia as Vice-chairman of the International Committee of the American Nuclear Society (ANS) and as a member of its Public Policy Committee and Non-Proliferation Policy Division.

The theme “Driving the Future of Nuclear Technology” perfectly aligns with Nuclear-21’s mission and goals. Additionally, we were pleased to continue to make and reaffirm connections with our colleagues and friends in the USA and worldwide.

As an organisation, Nuclear-21 strongly applauds the new “Navigating Nuclear: Energizing our World” initiative. The initiative will educate students in half of all schools in the USA on the importance of a sustainable energy future and nuclear energy’s role in this.

As an Organisation Member of ANS, we’re proud that our contribution is leading to such marvellous and vital initiatives.