Nuclear-21 present at the IAEA’s Symposium on Floating Nuclear Power Plants

Nuclear-21 ensures its clients an independent expertised perspective on the trending developments in nuclear science and technology developments.
Accordingly, Ms. Caroline Jorant and Ms. Aliki van Heek participated in the IAEA International Symposium on the Deployment of Floating Nuclear Power Plants – Benefits and Challenges (14 and 15 November 2023) in view of contributing to the discussions and to remain an available expertise partner to the Member States and industries considering such developments.
The barge-mounted, floating nuclear power plant is a demonstrated concept with much expansion potential. Several floating nuclear plant designs were presented, in different stages of development, from already in operation to regulatory pre-engagement for a new reactor concept. At the same time, several gaps in existing legislation were identified. With 160 participants, the symposium was well attended and allowed a wide exchange of information and experience with representatives of IAEA, IMO, UN (Legal Office) classification societies, companies with maritime nuclear projects and interested user states. Through their participation, the presenters expressed their confidence and will to contribute solving the legal issues in a timely manner.