Nuclear-21 in Attendance at BWR Research Hub Conference 2018

Nuclear-21 Associate Partner Ross Peel will be attending the BWR Research Hub conference in Bangor, Wales in February 2018. 

 BWR Hub Conference

This is the second year of the BWR Hub conference. The event was organised as a response to a lack of existing Boiling Water Reactor specific conferences. The programme of talks focusses on the progress and outcomes of initial studies funded by the Hub into a variety of relevant technical and non-technical topics. The BWR Hub is based at the University of Bangor, and aims to promote BWR research within the UK. A supporter of the Hub is Hitachi Ltd, whose subsidiary Horizon Nuclear Power is planning to build four Advanced Boiling Water Reactors (ABWR) in the UK. The conference includes a technical visit to Wylfa, the proposed site of the first UK ABWR plant. This is in addition to a varied programme of highly relevant talks in technical and non-technical subjects.

Nuclear-21 supports the development of new nuclear power in the UK. In particular, the development of relevant skills, knowledge, and research infrastructure will be invaluable in support. The BWR Hub conference will be a great step in supporting the launch of a new network of BWR specialists in the UK. It will support important research and development work in this type of nuclear energy system.