Prospects for Blockchain in international safeguards and security

Nuclear-21 is co-organizing a panel-session on the prospects on the use of “blockchain” in international safeguards and security during the upcoming ANS Virtual Meeting. #ANSannual #Countdownto2030

This panel-session, organized by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Division of ANS (, aims at:
o Informing ANS-members on the principles of Distributed Ledger Technology and the applicability in international safeguards;
o Highlight the benefits and possible challenges towards such application;
o Sketch the prospects and next steps for such innovative technologies to further the effectiveness and transparency of safeguards, and;
o To inform on various activities worldwide in this domain.

Panelists are:
– Ms. Cindy Vestergaard (Stimson) (
– Mr. Stefan Nonneman (EC JRC Ispra / EURATOM) (
– Ms. Luisa Kenausis (Stanley Center for Peace and Security) (, and:
– Ms. Sarah Frazar (PNNL) (

Luc Van Den Durpel, member of NNPD, providing introduction and co-moderating the Q&A.

Join us on Monday June 8th at 2.30 pm EDT and register via

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