Nuclear-21’s Founding Partner addressing the EU Innovation Area Summit 2023 on SMR’s role in and for EU

Luc Van Den Durpel (Founding Partner) will be speaking during the European Innovation Area Summit 2023 at the European Parliament on December 6th 2023 addressing the role SMRs in EU’s energy and climate strategy.

Nuclear energy is a key component of any world energy system future seeking to uncouple our societal and economic development from any further unsustainable impact on our environment. The past two decades have brought various approaches to the energy transition towards more sustainability. However, the challenges ahead are that tremendous that any approach without an integrated systems view is doomed to be inefficient or ineffective.

Nuclear energy is a back-bone component of any effective sustainable energy system that also seeks to be efficient in required resources during the transition and well beyond. This also demands that nuclear energy offers the solutions for a larger set of energy challenges beyond the historic focus on electricity generation.

Small Modular Reactors (SMRs), but also micro- and mini-versions, and more advanced designs (Advanced Modular Reactors)(AMRs) will be complementing the existing offer for large nuclear reactors in such sustainable energy systems.

Three key challenges are making a trilemma for such SMR/AMRs which needs to be resolved before the end of this decennium ensuring their real contribution to such sustainable energy systems, i.e.:

  1. Be de-risked option ensuring their bankability
  2. Ensure a timely delivery
  3. Do not forget a tangible fuel cycle and waste management strategy