Nuclear-21 co-writer of new book on “Fundamental Issues Critical to the Success of Nuclear Projects”

The role for nuclear energy in our sustainable energy future is increasingly clear for many especially given the enormous challenge we face to decarbonise our future while furthering the well-being of us all.

Luc Van Den Durpel, founding partner of Nuclear-21, contributed in the writing of the new book “Fundamental Issues Critical to the Success of Nuclear Projects” available from Elsevier. Edited by Mr. Joseph Boucau of Westinghouse, 24 authors address the future of nuclear energy and challenges ahead, cost estimating for nuclear projects, safety procedures and regulatory compliance, technology applications in support of nuclear projects, nuclear manpower deployments and optimised organisation and development, and the stakeholder roles in nuclear projects.

This book truly comes timely in the light of the ongoing discussions on new nuclear and the prospects for new build in various countries.