DNV and Nuclear-21’s launching “Getting Updated on Nuclear Energy” course

For anyone who is relatively new to the field of nuclear energy and who wants to obtain certain basic technical and commercial insights about nuclear energy, its place in the energy system and what it could mean to both energy end users and supply chain companies, Nuclear-21 in cooperation with DNV Energy Systems is providing a one-day course in the frame of DNV’s Energy Academy.

The course is titled “Getting updated on Nuclear Energy” and covers the basics of the technical, environmental, cost and supply chain aspects of nuclear energy, as well as its place in the European energy system.

The typical audience includes energy intensive industries and other large-scale energy users, potential suppliers, utilities and government (national, regional, local).

Dates for the course are the following:

  • 4 April 2024, in person (classroom), in Arnhem, The Netherlands, in Dutch;
  • 22 and 23 May 2024, mornings, online, in English.

Go to DNV Energy Academy’s website for more information and registration.

This course is a new course to the package of lecturing provided by Nuclear-21, i.e.:

  • ESARDA Training Course where Luc Van Den Durpel already provides since almost 10 years the lecturing on the nuclear fuel cycle and non-proliferation aspects;
  • ENEN’s SaTe programme, launching its second edition in 2024, providing safeguards training and education and where Caroline Jorant and Luc Van Den Durpel cover the past, present and future on nuclear energy systems and the challenges posed to international safeguards.
  • NESSAT and specifically DANESS courses provided to our users and where a more generic webinars and training cources are anticipated from 2024 on.