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    The forums are structured into three levels. The top level is Forums. Within a Forum are one or more Topics. Within a Topic you will find Replies. More detail on each of these is given below.


    A forum will relate to a specific subject of discussion. This might be a given Nuclear-21 publication, general nuclear industry discussion, or a similar subject.


    Think of topics as individual conversations within the forum’s subject. Several conversations can be occurring at the same time, on different aspects of the subject. When visiting a forum, if you want to say something, try to find a Topic on the subject and respond there. If there is no suitable Topic, or all suitable Topics are very old and have not been active in a long time, you can either create a new Topic by scrolling to the bottom of the list of existing topics, or ask a forum Keymaster (email info@nuclear-21.net) to create one for you if the forum does not allow new topics.


    Replies are individual responses to a topic. They form the individual pieces of speech within the conversation that is the Topic. The majority of the forums are made up of Replies.

    Remember, you must always use the forums in accordance with the Forum Rules and the Nuclear-21 website Terms and Conditions. Happy posting!

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