Karel Bueno de Mesquita

Karel Bueno de Mesquita graduated as a radiochemist and obtained his PhD in 1977 on a nuclear physics subject. As a safety and licensing manager at Nucon Engineering and Contracting, he has been involved in various nuclear projects, such as the design and construction of the Leibstadt nuclear power plant in Switzerland. He contributed to the development of a smaller type of boiling water reactor in collaboration with General Electric, and led a number of studies that provided better insight into the feasibility and suitability of other types of nuclear power plants in the Netherlands. He was at the cradle of the development of Environmental Impact Assessments and of the implementation of the Seveso Directive to Technological Disaster Risk Reduction. In addition, he has issued, as a management consultant, a number of organisational advices in various other areas to support the strategy of organizations and to improve their effectiveness and efficiency.