NucInfo – Nuclear Energy Systems Information Database

NucInfo is a comprehensive global database of nuclear energy system data, with an interactive data visualisation front-end to enable rapid data analysis and presentation. NucInfo is the primary source for all Nuclear-21’s data needs. It allows users to review the past, present and future of nuclear energy systems globally, country-by-country, and utility-by-utility.


Try out NucInfo.Public – a freely available, limited version of NucInfo below, or keep scrolling for more information


More About NucInfo

The database is continuously updated based on Nuclear-21’s active data gathering activities. It includes:

  • Technical and economic data on all nuclear power plants. This includes time-evolving performance data (load factor, capacity upgrades, cost profiles) and licensing status information.
  • Past, present and future reactor and fuel technology information, from the earliest days of the nuclear industry.
  • Natural uranium and thorium resources, and supply and demand information.
  • Fuel cycle facilities and fuel cycle data. This includes fuel demand, Unat/DU/RepU/Pu-requirements, conversion, fuel enrichment and fuel fabrication demand. In the fuel cycle back-end, NucInfo includes spent fuel inventories, separated materials inventories, HLW inventories, and spent fuel/waste handling capacity.
  • Isotopic compositions of waste materials where available (real data or calculated).
  • Investment costs (and ranges) for NPPs and fuel cycle facilities.
  • Nuclear energy system trends for the short-to-medium term and future development scenarios.

NucInfo is used by our clients as part of their market-analysis or “what-if?”-analysis on available options to manage their nuclear energy system, particularly fuel cycle inventories and spent fuel management.

Interested in NucInfo? Try it for yourself at the top of this page to start interacting with NucInfo.Public, with globally aggregated data on fuel cycle needs and nuclear power plants from 1950 to 2040, and Nuclear-21’s own scenarios out to 2090.

Need more? Contact us to discuss our licensing options:

  • NucInfo.Read – Data visualised at the country or utility level, with individual reactor technology information and an overall greater level of detail than in NucInfo.World. Updated annually.
  • NucInfo.Online – Full online access to NucInfo, including owner/operator information, economic and performance data, and detailed information on individual power plants. Full access to Nuclear-21’s standard range of future scenarios. Updated every three months.
  • NucInfo.Access – Complete access to the entire NucInfo database hosted by Nuclear-21 or as a local copy. Blend your own data with NucInfo. Continuous online updates.