Financial Risk Assessment of Used Fuel and Radioactive Waste Management Options

Assessment of financial risk exposure for, typically, a utility in light of possible changing technical-economic-regulatory changes regarding longer-term interim stored used fuel or changing geological disposal programmes (e.g. costs). Application of our NROM (Nuclear Real Options Model) methodology, part of the NESSAT Toolbox, allows to determine the value of cost/risk-optimising strategies with regard to spent fuel management and radioactive waste management.

This NROM methodology evaluates the optional value for different used fuel and radioactive waste management options to mitigate the uncertainties in the futures and therefore allows to minimise the overall financial risks exposure for such uncertain future changes.

One of our clients praised our methodology referring as “I’m making money with electrons, de-risk me of my neutrons” and, via financial real options valuing, was able to assess the options to de-risk his exposure to uncertain futures but also to evaluate the investment interest in new technologies to mitigate such risks in the future.